Slogan in hindi on depletion of ozone layer

It also provides natural habitats and eco-systems for plant and animal species. It brings peace in our lives.

Air Pollution

Such celebrations help in inculcating patriotic feelings and cordial relationship among the youngsters. Conserve water bodies for sustainable development. If the process continues, the inhabitants of the earth are going to face serious issues.

Today is World Ozone Day

Chitra Vasagam, by offering flowers and lighting a lamp. This not only decreases the value of soil, but also affects human health in a negative way.

Padmashree young leader for change has been awarded the Best student award at state level. Along with these factors, measures should be taken to reduce pollution in the environment.

Secretary, Pusa Roadand Mr. A single step taken by a huge part of the population can play a major role in protecting the environment.

Ozone Layer Slogans

Conclusion The aim of sustainable development could be achieved by conserving the environment. Plants and animals in lakes, rivers and seas react to changes in their environment caused by changes in chemical water quality and physical disturbance of their habitat.

These effects can have important consequences for the viability of aquatic populations and communities. World Environment Day has an international significance as the day gives us the opportunity to discuss various issues of the environment and come up with steps to save the planet and handle global warming and climate change.

Kamaraj, was an Indian politician from Tamil Nadu widely acknowledged as the "Kingmaker" in Indian politics during the s.

Organisms interact among themselves. Dabur toothpaste and lollipops were distributed among the students and teachers. To make the day a memorable one, students presented a vibrant show of cultural events which included energising dance performances, patriotic songs and a play reminding us of the various sacrifices made by the freedom fighters.

What is ozone layer and where is it. One cannot think of development without considering the environment. Ozone day. Ozone day is celebrated every year since 16th September to mark the day back in when the Montreal protocol was signed. PGT Biology Mrs.

Overview of the Clean Air Act and Air Pollution

thesanfranista.comka and Aashi of XI B spoke about the formation, depletion, uses and ways of reduction of ozone layer.

Ozone depletion is the process where ozone holes are created in theozone layer. It is caused due to the action of chloro-floro-carbonson the ozone molecule to break it down to oxygen. The slogan for this year “Ozone: All that is there between You and UV” is meant to show how human activity can impact the ozone layer and ultimately, the survival of the Earth and its.

Sign the Petition to Declare a Formal Global Warming State of Emergency. We, the citizens of our nation and of our Earth, are endowed with certain rights, severe food shortages and other resource depletion, and mass migrations. Barbara Hindi. Lion Goodman.

David Lewis. Terron Dodd.

World Environment Day 2017: Connecting People to Nature

Anthony Canta. Aaron Little. Sheena Smiddy. Sarah Luzietti. PHOTO ALBUM of the International Photo Contest dedicated to the Protection of the Many factors lead to ozone depletion. First and foremost, these include freons. Freons are a whole group of chemi - and a T­shirt with a slogan SOS ­ Save the Ozone Layer.

Author: Lusine Torosyan 1st place of the International Photo Contest in the. Changes in temperature due to the depleting ozone layer We really don’t need it so show us that you care. Mother Nature can’t do it all so let’s give her a rest.

We all need to try and do what is best. Our planet earth is precious and can’t be replaced We need to act now or our home will be erased.

Slogan in hindi on depletion of ozone layer
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