Reaction paper article 3 bill of rights

No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. For three consecutive terms after the ratification of this Constitution, one-half of the seats allocated to party-list representatives shall be filled, as provided by law, by selection or election from the labor, peasant, urban poor, indigenous cultural communities, women, youth, and such other sectors as may be provided by law, except the religious sector.

The President shall nominate and, with the consent of the Commission on Appointments, appoint the heads of the executive departments, ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, or officers of the armed forces from the rank of colonel or naval captain, and other officers whose appointments are vested in him in this Constitution.

Private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation. The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, and all other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction, consisting of its terrestrial, fluvial and aerial domains, including its territorial sea, the seabed, the subsoil, the insular shelves, and other submarine areas.

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It is also evident this volksgeist was formed because of the interaction of the people and state. The senior Justice in the Electoral Tribunal shall be its Chairman.

Assignment 3: Bill of Rights

The rights of persons appearing in, or affected by, such inquiries shall be respected. The Commission on Elections shall exercise the following powers and functions: The Monetary Board shall, within thirty days from the end of every quarter of the calendar year, submit to the Congress a complete report of its decision on applications for loans to be contracted or guaranteed by the Government or government-owned and controlled corporations which would have the effect of increasing the foreign debt, and containing other matters as may be provided by law.

During their continuance in office, their salary shall not be decreased. The right of the people to information on matters of public concern shall be recognized. No petition for review or motion for reconsideration of a decision of the court shall be refused due course or denied without stating the legal basis therefor.

The Senate or the House of Representatives or any of its respective committees may conduct inquiries in aid of legislation in accordance with its duly published rules of procedure. The State recognizes the vital role of the youth in nation-building and shall promote and protect their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being.

The Philippines, consistent with the national interest, adopts and pursues a policy of freedom from nuclear weapons in its territory. Legislative bodies of local governments shall have sectoral representation as may be prescribed by law.

The creation of the autonomous region shall be effective when approved by majority of the votes cast by the constituent units in a plebiscite called for the purpose, provided that only provinces, cities, and geographic areas voting favorably in such plebiscite shall be included in the autonomous region.

The certification shall state why a decision or resolution has not been rendered or issued within said period. The Congress shall promulgate its rules for the canvassing of the certificates.

The salary of the Chief Justice and of the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, and of judges of lower courts, shall be fixed by law. Religious denominations and sects shall not be registered. Philippines's Constitution of PDF generated: 31 JulPRINCIPLES ARTICLE III: BILL OF RIGHTS.

Access to official records, and to documents, and papers pertaining to official acts, transactions, or decisions, as well as to government research data used. Article III - Bill of Rights Sections 16 Section All persons shall have the right to a speedy disposition of their cases before all judicial, quasi-judicial, or administrative bodies.

"Justice delayed is justice denied." The right to speedy disposition of cases can be invoked only after the termination of the trial or hearing of a case. "Reaction Paper Article 3 Bill Of Rights" Essays and Research Papers Reaction Paper Article 3 Bill Of Rights BILL OF RIGHTS AND AMENDMENTS PAPER 1 Individual Assignment Bill of Rights and Amendments Paper April 2, HIS/ Mr.

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De La Peña BILL OF RIGHTS AND AMENDMENTS PAPER 2 Bill of Rights and Amendments. The Bill of Rights was strongly influenced by the Virginia Declaration of Rights, written by George Mason.

Other precursors include English documents such as the Magna Carta, the Petition of Right, the English Bill of Rights, and the Massachusetts Body of Liberties.

The Bill of Rights does not constitute what is generally understood as a modern “bill of rights”, if by that term one means a document which defines and guarantees the basic human rights of individual citizens. Bill of Rights Paper - 1.

The Philippine Constitution

Bill of Rights Paper The Bill of Rights is the name that was given to the first ten amendments of the Constitution of the United States. The Bill of Rights focuses on the set limitations of the government, which included preventing abuse against citizenry by government officials.

Reaction paper article 3 bill of rights
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The Philippine Constitution